Connor Franta Came Out After Watching Troye Sivan’s Coming Out Video

Connor Franta is an inspirational figure for gay people, straight people, young people and old house cats. Basically, everyone can learn something from the YouTuber who announced to the world that he was gay back in December. He’s also an author, involved in music, and runs a lifestyle and coffee brand.

Not bad, right?

Well, according to People magazine, Connor drew his inspiration to “come out of the closet” from musician Troye Sivan’s coming out YouTube video — as well as a whole bunch of others.

“I watched a million coming out videos, and that was kind of how I accepted it myself,” Franta, 22, told People. “If you type in ‘coming out’ [in the search bar], I probably watched the first four pages.

So that’s cool, YouTubers. If you’ve had a top Coming Out video in the last couple years, you’ve likely inspired Connor. And he inspires us to keep inspiring you, so the circle is complete. The article seems especially prescient in the immediate wake of YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen’s own coming out video.

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