DevinSuperTramp Pairs Up With Google Nest’s Spooky New Security Camera

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Google’s line of products to make your home function better and become “self aware” has taken a YouTube turn. YouTube stars DevinSuperTramp, iJustine and Unbox Therapy have all teamed up with Nest, Google’s line of home improvement goods, to debut a new security camera. YouTubers, camera, get it?

Oh and also the thing where it automatically streams a feed to YouTube. Wait, what?

Yeah, the camera, which has been trained to filter out superficial actions like headlights shining into your house, can pick up other movements, suspicious movements … like that creepy man with the weird satchel stuffing a bunch of mysterious letters enclosed in suspicious envelopes into your innocent mailbox on a daily basis. And then it will live stream that footage to a YouTube channel. Hmm.

Actually, they might be right to watch this guy...

Actually, they might be right to watch this guy…

So where does Devin and co. fit into all this? Each YouTuber will do a little something different with the technology to help introduce it to a broad cross section of their respective audiences and make them feel like it isn’t so “Big Brother-ish.” Devin for instance will use his Nest camera, which comes out of Google’s Dropcam tech acquisition, to film behind-the-scenes footage of his crazy stunts. The other two will do live streams and special events with it.

We’ll see how this all works out. If the camera suddenly achieves sentience and begins attacking Devin, consider waiting for the next version. On the other hand, if it seems legit, it might be worth having the internet know you use your car keys to pick your nose?

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