Disney Star Zendaya Defends YouTube Makeup Guru From Troll On Twitter

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Girls have got to stick up for their own — Disney star Zendaya clearly knows the code of the road on that. After a Twitter commenter made an unnecessarily mean comment on the Twitter page of YouTube makeup guru Shaaanxo, Zendaya came to the rescue with a slew of body positive fans.

The tweet, from account Manstagram, showed a side by side comparison of Shaaanxo, one photo with makeup, one photo without. The troll then wrote, “This is why our first date is running a mile around the track to see if you sweat the makeup off.”

Zendaya, who it’s not even clear if she knows Shaaanxo, suddenly popped up to respond, pointing out that Shaaanxo looks beautiful with or without makeup:

Prompting VH1, that music channel best known for being stuck in the ‘80s, to become all sorts of sassy:

Along with the fans:

Naturally, the naturally beautiful Shannon was happy for the support, tweeting back:

In the end, a troll turned everything into a happy ending:

All Twitter stories should end this well.

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