Dog Burned To Death With Blowtorch On YouTube — Help Catch This Woman!


A horrific video of a dog being burned to death with a blowtorch has been making the rounds on YouTube. The footage, which is horrifying, is thankfully not monetized. Lasting about a minute, it shows a small terrier bound at the legs, whimpering to escape … and then some smiling evil lady puts a blowtorch to its side and cooks the little dog. Yeah, horrific, grim stuff.

We do NOT recommend watching the video.

The description allegedly assures us that the dog does indeed die, but it’s in Portuguese — which likely means that the footage hails from over there as well. We need to catch this woman, so any clues help. Also, it sounds like a farm-type setting — the background noises include a rooster.

The video is thought to be part of a horrific sexual fetish that typically revolves around inflicting pain and death on animals. Called Crushing, attractive women will typically crush small animals such as rodents, snakes or cats to death beneath high heel shoes.

YouTube viewers are outraged about the video — not just its existence, but also that YouTube has allowed it to stay up. Of course, there is an argument to be made defending the latter that part of freedom is having to accept that there is content in the world that we don’t agree with.

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As for the former, there is no excuse. I would love to see someone take a blowtorch to this woman in the same manner.

Unfortunately, this disgusting footage isn’t alone on YouTube either. There are numerous videos of cruelty to animals on Google’s video platform — including footage of a man tearing a live cat apart to take a bite of it. It’s not one of YouTube’s best features. The good news is these people do real jail time if they are caught … it’s not exactly an eye for an eye, but it’s a start.

Share this article to increase the odds of the filmmakers being caught. This is the world wide web; someone has to recognize her.

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