Earn Some Bitcoin While Playing Minecraft


If you’re seated in front of a computer screen talking about “mining,” then chances are you’re doing one of two things: Either you’re engaged in the hunt for the illusive digital crypto-currency called Bitcoin or you’re playing the massively successful indie game Minecraft. Now, thanks to an ambitious new Minecraft server, you could potentially be doing both!

The PlayMC server is offering players the chance to turn their gameplay in the highly addictive block-based world of Minecraft into a real mining operation that allows them to earn fractions of Bitcoins for their trouble. Players can earn “bits,” a unit of currency equal to 1/100,000,000 of a single Bitcoin by completing tasks within the Minecraft world. Given the rapidly fluctuating value of Bitcoin as a global currency, this could either be a total waste of time or a fairly profitable endeavor depending on how things are going in the Bitconomy.


The exchange of Bits is tied to a variety of mini-games on the server. Players can earn the currency units by killing off opponents in archery skill challenges or by winning particular mini-games. Server operators plan to continue to add new options for earning Bits as time goes on and usership increases. Currently, the cost of operating the games is minimal considering the fractional value of the Bits being offered. PlayMC is certainly hoping that the program will help their server stand out in an increasingly crowded field of Minecraft options. However the kid-focused server is also hoping to educate its young players on the value of digital currencies to better prepare them for a future in which Bitcoin could be king.

For now, Bits are only available within certain server mini-games but the company is hoping to expand the program to other functions and features. Bits could soon be available to players who spot bugs or win tournaments or even those who provide pro-bono services to the server, like writing content for its website or helping to perform maintenance.