Everest Movie Trailer Explodes On YouTube; 5 Terrifying Facts About The Famous Mountain

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Mount Everest doesn’t have quite the caché it used to — it used to be a monumental thing to have climbed Everest. But now the Nepalese government is severely restricting the amount of people who can climb Everest every year because it has become almost a lark. Heck, I might go climb Mount Everest this weekend.

Okay, clearly it’s still a little bit majestic because over 400,000 people tuned in to watch the first trailer for the true story of a bunch of hikers who ran into an avalanche on the mountain. Based on the Jon Krakauer book Into Thin Air, this movie called, simply, Everest is truly terrifying. And not just because Josh Brolin and Jake Gyllenhaal are in it (we kid, Nightcrawler was awesome!) Of course, so you could go into this trailer properly spooked, we’ve also provided five creepy/amazing facts about one of the world’s deadliest mountains.

5. Everest is a trash pit

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4. Mount Everest has jumping spiders.

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3. The 2015 Nepal earthquake made the mountain an inch shorter

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2. Over 235 (documented) people have died trying to climb Mount Everest since 1922

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1. You die up there, your body stays up there as a grim trail marker

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