Fashion, Fairies & Sexy Vampires — Summer Web Series Roundup

summer series

We’re officially into summer, getting kinda bored already and looking for some easy entertainment. Fortunately, a bunch of web series just launched or returned for new seasons, which should be enough to get us through the hot months ahead. Whether you’re into action and suspense, summertime fun or trashy soap operas, these shows have something for you.


The heavyweight of the summer is definitely “Carmilla,” the viral hit series from Canadian channel VerveGirl TV. If you’ve been on Tumblr lately and noticed people freaking out about hot lesbian vampire kisses, this is probably why.

An adaptation of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s vampire novella, the series brilliantly subverts the Gothic ideas of Evil Lesbians and Virgin Sacrifices by turning the main characters into a team of LGBTQ+ college students, led by cynical vampire Carmilla (Natasha Negovanlis) and plucky journalism student Laura (Elise Bauman).

Season 1 saw Laura and Carmilla fighting to save the supernatural Silas University from a giant anglerfish god that wants to eat everyone. Now they have returned to solve a mass murder and try to maintain a truce between different factions on the campus – all while keeping their new relationship together.

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

If you’re in the mood for something lighter and dorkier, “Peter and Wendy” just dropped the first three episodes of Season 2 — and they’ve stepped things up since Season 1, with flashy new sets and a star-studded cast. Wendy Darling (Paula Rhodes) has left Neverland for the big city and is now dating Captain Hook (Percy Daggs III), man-child Peter Pan (Kyle Walters) lost his job and his apartment and is fooling around with Tiger Lily (Lovlee Caroll), and things seem to be headed for a big entertaining train wreck. Also keep an eye out for Jim Beaver from “Supernatural,” Meghan Camarena aka Strawburry17, and Satya Bhabha from “New Girl.”

Best Summer Ever

Maybe you just want a nice summer series about barbecues and pool parties — or maybe you like to roll your eyes because summer forces you to go outside and talk to weird people. Either way, you’ll enjoy comedy series “Best Summer Ever” from Loft and HelloGiggles, directed by fandom favorite Yulin Kuang and starring Ashley Clements, Irene Choi and Hayley Huntley. Filmed with Yulin’s trademark quirky humor, the videos and bonus Vines are colorful, breezy and fun — just like Loft’s new summer line! Fancy shorts are so in right now!


“Gossip Girl” meets “Pretty Little Liars” meets “The Devil Wears Prada” meets Maybelline Cosmetics in this fashion-centric murder mystery from StyleHaul, written and directed by Bernie Su. The first episode premiered yesterday and features comically vampy performances from Denise Richards, Karrueche Tran and a parade of YouTube beauty gurus in their fanciest outfits. Glitzy, over-the-top and built around Maybelline’s “Dare to Go Nude” advertising campaign, it’s the web series equivalent of flipping through a gossip magazine while you’re at the hairdresser’s.

Classic Alice

The world’s most persistent English major Alice Rackham (played by series creator Kate Hackett) is back for another season of letting classic novels guide her life — and with her next book selection being Thoreau’s Walden, she and her new boyfriend Andrew are taking their documentary project out of the dorm room and on a camping trip. Yes, they’re actually filming outside this time. We can’t wait to see what mischief they get up to next.

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