FIFA Official Cites ‘The Onion’ Fake News During YouTube Rant

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Jack Warner, one of the officials in FIFA who has been ensnared in the major corruption scandal that has been slamming the soccer world for the last week, decided to play detective on YouTube.

Going on YouTube to lay out a rant for all of us, Jack had evidence that the U.S. was doing some tampering of its own. His proof? A news article that read:

“FIFA Frantically Announces 2015 Summer World Cup in the United States”

Apparently, according to the headline the U.S. was desperate to not be shamed by FIFA and so our little country was hiding the fact by creating fake headlines to appease the angered masses.  He was half right — it was a fake headline.

Fooled by America’s satirical news source The Onion, Warner, from Trinidad, is just the latest in a long line of outraged people who have cited The Onion as fact.

The Onion bit starts at the five minute mark if you don’t want to waddle all the way through the speech.

Someone in Warner’s camp pulled the video after no doubt being updated as to what they were citing in indignation. Of course, this here is the internet. That footage is here to stay.

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