Filthy Casuals: Why Mobile Gaming is FINE

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Mobile vs Console vs PC? It doesn’t matter because all gaming make you a gamer.

I had gone to Starbucks because I was craving an Iced Caramel Macchiato (who doesn’t right?) and while waiting in line, I overheard two people bickering about a mobile game. In the end, they both conceded that the mobile game was equal to a game that was being played on a laptop. If these two guys could settle it out, I’m sure the rest of the gaming community can too.


Playing games on a mobile device should be consider as gaming, just as much as the next person who plays a game on a PC, a home console or a handheld console. People need to remember that the beginning of mobile gaming is pretty synonymous to the start of computer gaming or even console gaming. The first game on a computer came into existence in 1962 and it was called Spacewar.  For the home console, it was PONG in 1975.

Fast forward about 50 years or so, and the PC and home consoles are now supporting games can are as big as 50GB. The same thing is happening at this very moment with mobile gaming. Tetris was the first game on a mobile device, and now, mobile devices are support meatier games like Final Fantasy, Infinity Blade, Hearthstone, Bioshock.


Speaking of meatier games, the fact that a 5″ x 3″ plastic slab holds more power than a basic desktop is extremely impressive. When Spacewar was running on a computer back then, the computer was the size of at least a quarter of the room. When Tetris ran on a phone, the device was the size of a mouse pad. So, not only does this show how far technology has advanced, but how much more portable these games can possibly be.

With weighty games like those in your back pocket, you can game just about anywhere, and this mobility factor is actually the biggest smartphones and tablets have over PC. If someone was gaming on their console or PC and they have work in about 45 minutes, they need to take the time to finish their battle or find a spot to save at, then off to work they go. But, if someone was gaming on their cell phone, they can bring the game with them. Once they have their 30 minute break, they can continue from where they left off, and that feels pretty damn great.

Pricing is another major advantage for mobile gaming. 99.9% of the time, you will not find a game that is priced above $10. You seriously won’t. With $10, you can either get ten $1 games, or one massive $10. Nevertheless, you’re going to find a game to your liking that will be 10 times cheaper than a regular console game.

So really, gaming elitists need to quit trashing on mobile games. Yes, there are crappy games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush, but which platform hasn’t had its bad apples (*cough, cough* Big Rigs, Bad Rats, Superman, Sonic the Hedgehog *cough). The market for mobile gaming is growing, and we need to let this market flourish. In the near future, these mobile devices will become serious competition for the handheld consoles, as the PC did with home consoles. But if you are going to