Principal Plagiarizes Graduation Speech From Viral YouTube Video, Ooooh BUSTED!

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Here’s a good educational lesson for Principal Mark Stenner: When you cheat, you only hurt yourself. Stenner, the head honcho of West Boca High School in the Palm Beach region of Florida, is now in hot water with his school district after the internet pointed out that his speech was pretty much directly plagiarized from a hit YouTube video.

Taken from a viral video that was posted in 2012, of Wellesley High School English teacher David McCullough Jr. speaking to the graduating class in Massachusetts, the speech, titled “You Are Not Special” is a stirring and evocative plea to make kids step out of the box to achieve in this world. It did over 2.5 million views on YouTube.

Internet wags have put clips from both speeches side by side to show the incredible level of plagiarism that has gone down.

Stunner claims that he didn’t plagiarize because he shortened the speech from 12 minutes to seven minutes and changed some of the locations mentioned to reference Florida locations. Can you imagine that flying with any teacher ever? Here is the original speech — it’s worth a listen in its unabridged entirety.

Stenner is now being investigated by the school board for not practicing what he was supposed to be preaching. As for McCullough, (Stenner take note here!) ACCORDING TO THE UK DAILY MAIL, McCullogh said “Well, attribution would have been nice, but I’m glad to hear someone finds me quotable.”

Internet justice, while frequently flawed, sometimes is awesome/hilarious. Good work today, detectives.

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