FullScreen CEO Tears FaceBook A Thinly Veiled New A**Hole On Twitter Over Video Piracy

George Strompolos doesn’t f*ck around when it comes to monetization. I’ve heard my share of it from the Fullscreen CEO, and so I know just how Facebook feels after he launched a Twitter tirade at them for piracy (or “freebooting” as the kids call it now).

The scope of it is this: Facebook has a great video platform. But they don’t have a Content ID system in place (unlike YouTube), so there are a lot of videos that get pegged to Facebook that were stolen off of YouTube. As a result, there’s no monetization for Fullscreen or its clients — basically, their friggin’ lifeblood is being stolen because Facebook isn’t playing the game correctly.

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Here’s the full thread from Twitter (handily numbered by George to make embedding easier!):

Now, Strompolos allegedly likes what the Zuck and crew are doing over there with regards to video content. Strompolos said his comments were meant to be constructive.

He even said that Facebook could eclipse YouTube in the video game — statements that seem to be confirmed by a post from Fortune who think they already have. According to writer Erin Griffith, “In April, Facebook hit 4 billion views per day, matching the latest estimates available for 10-year-old YouTube.”

Now George strikes me as *someone with deep pockets*, so is this whole Twitter commentary a threat? A warning? A hint to his fellow business tycoons? A pleasant reminder?

I guess the ball is in Facebook’s court now, so let’s see what they do with it.

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