Game of Thrones Finale, The Internet Reacts To An Epic Surprise Death


Game of Thrones does not care about your happiness. Since it deviated earlier this season from the novels that inspired it, the show has been on rape and murder spree the likes of which even premium cable has never seen. While surprise deaths of beloved and despised characters are nothing new on the sword and sorcery series, this season has managed to anger fans with multiple instances of sexual and physical violence above and beyond what was called for in the novels. Despite the controversy, for millions of fans, Sunday night is reserved for watching Thrones unfold in all it’s bloody glory. For millions of non-fans, on social media, Sunday night is reserved for watching fans anguish and outrage unfold across their Twitter streams. Last night’s finale was no different as the series axed not one but two major characters unexpectedly triggering a wave of “Nooooo” that could be heard across social media.

The relationship between television writers and social media has never been stronger, and shows like Game of Thrones would be wise to learn the difference between the anguish of a shocked fan and the outrage of a disappointed one. We took at look at some of the online reaction to get a sense of how Throne-heads (a cool new nickname for Game of Thrones fans that I just made up) took last nights surprises.

We’re not sure who’s going to sit on the Iron Throne, but the kings and queens of social media are most definitely YouTubers so we surveyed some of our faves and the reactions were…intense.