Google Will Let You Undo Your Life’s Greatest Mistakes (In Email)


As the noble poet Hannah Montana once said, “everybody makes mistakes.” However, when those mistakes turn up in an email they can do some serious damage. Just ask Hillary Clinton, or any of the folks at Sony who had their slightly scandalous emails picked apart in the press just a few months ago. Everyone has an email horror story in which they hit send on something and then immediately regretted it. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could recall your errant email from the sea of cyberspace with the click of a button? Well now you can!


Because our cybernetic overlords at Google (long may they reign) are both merciful and good, they have officially rolled out a new Gmail feature that should help all of us to avoid dropping those embarrassing truth bombs on the wrong person. The feature has been in beta testing for a while and some people have had access to it for months already, but as of today Unsend is officially live for everyone using Gmail.


In fairness, it’s not really a magical button that can turn back time and recall your sent emails. What it actually does is allow users to set a “window of unsendability” at either 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds. Once you click send you’ll have the length of that window to change your mind. As long as you realize your mistake before the seconds run out you can stop your email from ever leaving your inbox. It’s not exactly a magic bullet, but it’s sure to save many of us from some embarrassing mistakes in the future and I’m all for it.

Thank you Google! All praise be to you! Please allow me to live once your robot minions seize control of our pitiful human world!