Holley Kitchen’s Emotional Breast Cancer Video Has 44 Million Views on Facebook And Only 35,000 On YouTube … Why?

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It might be a sign of the times — Facebook Video finally overtaking YouTube.

Or maybe, morbidly, YouTube viewers mostly don’t give a damn about breast cancer. No, that can’t be it — can it?

Wife and mom Holley Kitchen has metastatic breast cancer — that is, breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. Even the double mastectomy she underwent after being diagnosed in 2012 can’t remove metastatic cancer. And there is no cure. So with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer (the worst level), Holley has no hope for ever being cancer free. But she doesn’t want your kind words, she wants you to get educated. Yes, even men can get breast cancer. Go HERE for more details.

After posting her fascinating silent discourse on metastatic breast cancer to both Facebook and YouTube though, the post has become all anyone is apparently looking at on the one site — and barely making a stir on the other. The Facebook video has amassed (poorly timed accidental cancer pun) over 44 million views on Facebook and a mere meh 35,000 on YouTube.

So what gives? Perhaps it’s more convenient on Facebook — the one person likes the page which enables all their friends to jump on and like the page as well. And with the autoplay function on Facebook, it isn’t necessarily discerning quality views versus people who happened aboard to see what the fuss was all about. But even with those outliers taken into account, this is a staggering set of numbers. There aren’t 44 million accidental views, is what we’re saying. Both posts were uploaded the same day, so time isn’t a factor either. People are responding to this video in a way that they simply aren’t on YouTube.

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Could it be that cancer and tragedy simply play better with the Facebook crowd? On first glance, that could be exactly what it is. Of the first 30 most popular videos on YouTube, NONE of them are emotional human interest pieces. In fact, none of them are anything but music videos.

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Of course, out of fairness to YouTube, all these videos have hundreds of millions of views, so in effect, the most popular stuff on YouTube only could be something as all inclusive as pop music.

While Facebook hasn’t released their numbers on the top posts of 2015 officially, with 66 million views, this was their biggest post of 2014:

(Even this got 3 million views on YouTube!)

So the Facebook crowd isn’t exactly on a different cultural wavelength than YouTube, they just tend to hit in smaller numbers.

Perhaps the focus should then be: how do we make CANCER EDUCATION a bigger deal to YouTubers? This Holley Kitchen video has several components that YouTubers tend to like — a pretty blonde lady, that oh-so-trendy getting your message across in flipcards trick — even a peppy anthemic song. But even video of a cow’s fake fart has over five times the views that this valuable, potentially life-saving and emotional video has accrued. It’s a weird world we live in.

I hope you haven’t read this far thinking that I am going to answer your question on the matter. I don’t have an answer — I’m just bringing this odd statistic to your attention. Cancer education SHOULD matter more to YouTubers than it apparently does. Maybe, this time, you can fill in the answer for me. Why do you think the one post is enormously more popular than the other?

And don’t forget to go do that cancer educating, it’s what Holley wants.

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