How Did Jurassic World Create Super-Dinosaur Indominus Rex? [Video]

Ever since I saw Jurassic World I’ve been thinking a lot about Indominus Rex, the film’s new big bad. While previous movies in the Jurassic Park franchise have scared us out of our minds using real dinosaurs believed to have lived millions of years ago, Jurassic World upped the ante by cooking up its very own dinosaur from scratch. Personally, I love the idea of opening up the franchise to fictional monsters. After all, Hollywood excels at creating ever crazier new things for us to be afraid of. I even proposed a few possible additions for the sequel. Still I have one lingering question. How exactly did filmmakers create a dinosaur from whole cloth?


In the film Indominius Rex is the product of some irresponsible genetic manipulation, but Jurassic Park has always prided itself on having at least a factual basis for the over the top creatures it unleashes. Unsurprisingly, producers once again turned to Jack Horner, the paleontologist who served as a consultant on all four Jurassic movies, for some pointers. In a new video Horner discusses the recipe used to create Indominus Rex which includes some old standbys like T-Rex and Velociraptor DNA, but also a few unexpected pinches of cuttlefish and other more modern creatures you might not expect.