How Matthew Santoro Plans To Blow Minds With His New Book Deal


If you’ve been hard at work compiling a list of the Top 10 Facts about YouTube list master Matthew Santoro, then you’ll soon have to find a space to add “he’s a published author.” Santoro has scored a deal with Penguin to deliver MIND = Blown, a print version of his popular video series in which he delivers lists of shocking true facts. Santoro will indulge his love of science, technology, history, and space exploration among other topics through a series of lists, stories, and trivia all delivered in the comedic style that has made him a fan favorite and a YouTube megastar.


Santoro is no stranger to conquering new mediums. Already a top tier YouTuber with 4.2 million subscribers and over 438 million views Santoro is also an early adopter of the mobile live streaming app Periscope. Santoro translated his YouTube and Twitter success into Periscope views and has rapidly risen to the app’s top spot with 62 million hearts, making him one of Periscope’s first bonafide stars.

A few weeks ago, we speculated that the YouTuber book boom might be winding down — sales numbers have weakened slightly as more and more online creators jump on the confessional band wagon. Unlike many YouTube creators who have embraced the over-share generation with tell-all memoirs that mirror the confessional tone of their vlogs though, Santoro is following a separate trend, one that has served creators like Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig well. Instead of publishing a book about himself, Santoro will convert his best YouTube content to the printed page — a strategy that’s likely to pay off as vlogger memoir fatigue continues to set in.

Collective Digital Studio and Marc Gerald at The Agency Group brokered the co-publishing deal with Marian Lizzi at Perigee, Justin Stoller at Penguin Canada, and Joel Rickett at Viking UK. The book is expected to hit shelves in August of 2016.