How Mobile Games Have Revolutionized the Gaming Industry

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There’s always been a history of gaming elitism between PC and console gamers, but with the addition of mobile gaming, fans of the two have found something to team up against. Should the gaming industry really turn their noses up to an group that appears to re-vitalizing the gaming industry the world over?

Gaming has expanded exponentially through out the years, but no part of gaming has exploded more so than mobile gaming. Up a startling 42% in the past year alone, it’s expected that mobile gaming revenue will out pace the revenue of traditional gaming in 2016.

Monument Valley
Remember when Frank played me in “House of Cards?”

Revenue growth aside though, the mobile gaming has truly given a voice to, are independent game developers. Without mobile we wouldn’t have stunning games such as Monument Valley, and Republique. At the moment there’s 30. Flappy Bird may have seemed to be the stupidest game to ever hit shelves and yet everyone was completely engrossed by it, young and old.

Speaking of the old, games that are available through app stores, while becoming increasingly complex and entertaining are actually opening up an entire new market of gamers. On the young side, educational games snatch up the young while addictive games like Candy Crush invite older generations into the gaming market. The average age for traditional gamers is 31, while the average age of gamers ranges from 35-51.


An innumerable number of these gamers take the leap from mobile to PC or console as a result of the positive experiences they’ve had through their phones, tablets what have you. Not to mention, the adaptation of traditional games for the mobile market. Minecraft is the best example, traversing from PC to consoles and inevitably mobile markets.

This renewed interest in gaming across all age groups makes this the veritable golden age of gaming, and we have mobile gaming to thank for reaching what was once considered an unreachable audience.