How “Ready Player One” is Going To Be The Future of Gaming

Haptic Peripherals

While every seems to be super focused on the visual, others have dedicated themselves to the sensation of touch. Haptic peripherals have been around for a long time. The most common you’d be familiar with is the rumble pad in your controllers or perhaps the blowback you get from a racing wheel when playing Forza. In the last few years strong efforts have been made to develop other kind of peripherals.

For example, there are two treadmill prototypes that essentially acts as the movement sticks for your controller/. The Cyberith:

And the Virtuix Omni:

However, these treadmills can seem kind of clumsy, which is why a lot of focus is being placed on haptic gloves:

It doesn’t just stop at gloves, there’s armbands:

And even entire sensor systems for your entire body:

Some creators aren’t focused on the sensors that track your moment, but the sensation you feel when interacting with objects. Tactical Haptics created what they call “Reactive Grip” that can make you feel the bend of a fishing pole or even the weight of the objects your holding:

The endgame of all of the products is to pull us from our real world, into a digital one and it’s going to happen by the time most of our generation are in their 50’s, making this the most innovative time ever known to humanity.

This is the future, and right now is the time to jump head first into it.