How This Twitch Streamer Broke A Minecraft Record AND Made The World A Better Place

Minecraft isn’t just a popular survival game. For many users, the gameplay aspects take a backseat to the game’s potential as a creative canvas. Minecraft architectural builds and pixel art have grown more and more elaborate overtime has the game has added new blocks and creative Minecrafters have found new ways to express themselves within the game’s infinite sandbox. Now that art is finally receiving some global recognition. A recent project by Twitch streamer and self-proclaimed “king of pixel art” Thorlar just set a world record for size while raising a nice chunk of cash for charity.

The project, a recreation of the 2011 Blizcon poster seen above, took 23 weeks to complete. Composed of more than 1.1 million blocks it’s actually impossible to view in world even with the render distance set to max. The massive pixel art piece can only be fully appreciated as a world map, but the level of detail is staggering.


The entire build was livestreamed on Twitch giving fans a chance to witness the creation of the largest piece of Minecraft pixel art to-date first hand. However fans weren’t just encouraged to watch, they were also encouraged to donate. The creation of this record breaking piece of digital art raised over $3500 for The Make-A-Wish Foundation in Thorlar’s native Ireland. The project is a testament to the ambition and power of digital artists and content creators and the unique opportunities offered by streaming video platforms like Twitch.

In a Reddit AMA posted yesterday, Thorlar links his charitable inclinations directly to his recent Twitch partnership. According to the streamer, the opportunity to earn money through Twitch doing something that he loves is such a tremendous thrill that he felt the need to give something back. “I told myself, ‘If I ever get so much support I get partnered, we’re doing charity as much as we can” You can see the finished project in the video above or check out the Dynmap of the finished product.

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