How To Kiss Is #1 Most Searched How-To On YouTube, Here Are The 4 Best Videos

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So as it turns out, people aren’t that confident about their smooching abilities.

More than “How to Hide A Dead Body So Your Parents Don’t Find It,” “How to Live With the Remorse of Accidentally Killing Your Neighbor” and “How to Break Into A Neighbor’s House To Steal Electronics,” How To Kiss is the number one most searched How-To topic on YouTube.

The top ten, recently released by Google is as follows:

1. How To Kiss
2. How To Tie A Tie
3. How To Draw
4. How To Get A Six Pack In 3 Minutes
5. How To Make A Starburst Bracelet Rainbow Loom
6. How To Make A Cake
7. How To Curl Your Hair With A Straightener
8. How To Make A Bow
9. How To Make A Paper Airplane
10. How To Dance

But it’s clear to us that you really, really care about that first thing. So we at NMR thought that the most noble thing we could do was to provide you with a collection of the best How To Kiss videos out there — all in one convenient space. That way you can compare them and decide for yourself what the best way is.

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Here are the best four videos (and we ought to know — we kiss people ALL. THE. TIME.)

4. Playboy — How To Kiss

3. So Flo Comedy — How To Kiss Any Girl

2. How To Basic — How To Kiss

1. HowCast — How To Kiss With Tongue

So there you go — four different techniques that all yield the same result: kissing. Of course, as long as you don’t spit a loogie in the other person’s mouth (without consent), you’ll probably mostly be fine.

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