How to Make Money on Twitch

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It might seem like a daunting task to try and monetize your channel on Twitch, but have no fear! Here are 3 ways to make your channel profitable!

Donation Button

That CJ Donation Button

If you’re looking to make some quick cash on Twitch, the donation button is your new best friend. Twitch doesn’t regulate the button, or provide a guide to starting the process. Here’s how you can go about it though:

Step 1: Sign into your PayPal account. It’s recommended to upgrade to a “Premier” account, since there’s a cap on basic accounts for the amount of money you can have, and upgrading to a business account helps secure your donation button in the case of any potential fraud.

Step 2: Once you’re signed in and upgraded, pop over to this link and click “Create your button now”

Step 3: If you follow the instructions to the letter, you’ll get a URL that will link to your donation page. It should look like this:

Step 4: Now head over to your Twitch account, and in your profile settings turn on “Edit Panels. From here you can upload a photo of your choosing (which would be the logo for your button or you can download and use PayPal’s). Add an image to the panel, drop in the generated link in the “Links to” area, and voila! You now have a donation button.

There are stories of Saudi millionaires donating tens of thousands of dollars to streamers they like, but while you’re waiting for that cash cow to come in, regular fans will often donate 10,or 20 dollars at a time to support a streamer they care about.

Brand Deals

Brand deals

Brand deals can seem like selling out to some, but essential to others. We’ve covered extensively on how to get your own brand deals, but in the world of gaming, it can be just a simple as reaching out to certain publishers. In the process, you build a healthy business relationship with game creators, and provide your audience with potential exclusive content you might not find anywhere else.

Keep in mind, Twitch has asked players to be as transparent as possible when playing on the part of a promotion. Although there don’t appear to be any obvious ramifications if you choose to be less than truthful with Twitch, there are strict rules in place laid out by the FTC, and that is a group you do not want to tangle with.

Twitch Partnership


Getting a Twitch Partnership can be tough. The qualifications, depending on the kind of channel you’re running, can be hard to meet. Twitch looks for an average of 500 views per broadcast, and a consistent streaming schedule of at least three times a week. This would essentially make Twitch your part-time job, but the reality of it is, if you have a regular schedule with consitent content, hitting 500 views per broadcast is incredibly achievable. One you’re a partner, it opens all new doors to you as well, like for example, the revenue share you’ll get by utilizing advertisements on your channel.

Twitch gives partners control over when ads play on their streams, and because of the niche that is gaming, CPM’s on ads tend to be higher then what you would find elsewhere. If you wanted to be really greedy, you can play 1 ad for every 8 minutes of gameplay. Your fans would absolutely cease watching you, but that’s something you could totally do.

There’s also one more advantage once you hit partnership: Unlike the donation button, the subscription button guarantees a monthly payment from your most loyal of viewers. This isn’t getting free money though, most streamers offer perks to their subscribers such as custom icons and extended contact with the creators their following.


Twitch is still the wild west out there, and more ways of monetizing your channel are sure to present themselves, but in the meantime, these should help your build out your channel to the success you want it to be!

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