iJustine & Joey Graceffa Apple Store Dance Reunion To Celebrate Books — Compare The Dances Through the Years!

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A lot has changed in the five years since iJustine initially danced at an Apple store to celebrate, I don’t know, her partnership with the company. Or maybe she just likes dancing? Most notably through all these years of dancing: her public domain music isn’t so necessary anymore, Steve Jobs has died, Joey Graceffa had his car towed and both he and iJustine have become authors.

Now they dance the dance of rich celebrities. But it’s been a long, sweet journey. Check out this darling video scrapbook of iJustine and her dances in Apple stores, capped off by her latest one — with Joey, for old time’s sake.



2010 (with Joey & Grace)







Memories … on the corner of my mindddddddd! Good stuff right? Well here’s to many more years of iJustine dancing (and Joey getting his car towed)!

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