Ingrid Nilsen Comes Out: 6 Things We Learned From Her Coming Out Video

There must be honesty in the air this spring, because another mega popular YouTuber has made the bold decision to share her true self. In a touching 19 minute video, Ingrid Nilsen, better known as beauty guru MissGlamorazzi , tearfully came out to her 3 million plus subscribers.

It’s always a hard decision to live authentically and for YouTubers, who pride themselves and giving their fans an intimate look inside their lives, sharing a big secret can be especially daunting. Ingrid’s video manages to be both impressively poised and touchingly heartfelt. There’s a genuine sense of relief in her voice about being able to finally be herself. (She even resisted the opportunity to turn her hugely personal confession into a opportunity to sell merch, a surprisingly rare feat of restraint.) Here’s six things we learned from Ingrid Nilsen’s coming out video.

She’s Gay!

Ingrid doesn’t waste any time getting to the point. Even in GIF form you can see the relief that comes from finally being able to open up.


It’s Always Been There

Responding to one of the most common questions newly out LGBT people often hear, Ingrid says that her attraction to women has always been there. Not a phase or a recent revelation but something she’s always felt as a part of herself.


Growing up was difficult

Ingrid grew up in a conservative environment where homosexuality was not widely accepted. One reason she chose to hide who she really was and who she really loved was to avoid the risk of losing the support of family and friends.


She’s Dated Guys

Ingrid has had several fairly public relationships including at least one fellow YouTuber. In her video she stressed that her coming out does not diminish how much she cares about the people she’s dated in the past or how much she values her previous relationships.


It’s Not Fair

Ingrid struggled with the idea of keeping her secret well into her twenties before realizing that hiding such a huge part of herself wasn’t just depriving herself of happiness, it was also unfair to everyone who knew her.


She’s Proud

In what’s perhaps the most heartwarming part of the video, Ingrid reveals that she’s proud to finally be living her life authentically. It’s a great moment for someone who has clearly struggled with her personal truth for a long time.