Internet Raises Thousands For Heroic Beaten Community Center Man In Viral Video

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A viral video has been making the rounds on YouTube showing a severely beaten black guy explaining that he just wanted to help his community. Instead he got beaten and robbed.

Ronald Moon Jr. was just trying to do something good for his community when he sought to turn his house into an activity center. And he got beat up for it. But the internet is a good place sometimes and is reaching back to help.

Ronald, who started a GoFundMe, has seen over $42,000 (and counting) come his way in the aftermath of the heartbreaking YouTube video he recorded directly after being attacked and robbed.

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The video, titled 1853 Kinney Ave., references the address of his community center in Cincinnatti, OH. It is his first YouTube video and it is emotionally effective as viewers in the comments section admitted they cried right along with the emotional man who says he just wanted to do good.

Hopefully the publicity of the video will also influence police in the area to step up their efforts to track down the guilty parties.

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