Internet Reacts To Terrible Duggar Interview


The Learning Channel, recently rebranded as TLC, has really been living up to it’s original name of late. For instance, a few weeks ago we LEARNED that Josh Duggar, one of the star of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting had a shady past. We LEARNED that as a teen Josh had been accused of molesting five young girls including several of his own young sisters. We also LEARNED that his family and the network that has been profiting from their exploits for the last seven years tried to cover this information up to protect a profitable brand. Last night, in an interview with Megyn Kelly of Fox News (of course) we LEARNED how parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar justify keeping their son’s secret. All things considered, there’s been a lot of LEARNING going on lately.

Ever since news broke of a possible Duggar scandal the internet has been sharpening their knives. Despite their red state reality TV popularity, the Duggars have always been a popular target for critics. Maybe it’s their vague association with the cult-like Quiverful Christian movement. Perhaps it’s their espousal of archaic ideas about reproductive rights, courtship, and the role of women. It might be their habit of equating gay and transgender people with pedophiles while actively concealing and excusing an accused pedophile within their own family. Who can say? Either way the internet had a lot to say on the subject and we rounded up a few of the best comments.

As usual Laci Green had her eye on the ball


Of course we also enjoyed some snark from Joe’s Daily

Plenty of other twitter users weighed in with opinions that were heartfelt or hilarious.

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