ipsy Open Studios Launches In Style!

Last Friday, Michelle Phan unveiled ipsy Open Studios to the world and the service brings to beauty what nothing else has before.

Beauty creators have a reason to celebrate, because Michelle Phan and her phenomenal team have created a veritable haven for those with a passion for makeup and skin care.

Here’s how it works: Beauty creators apply to be part of Open Studios through their website here. Candidates are chosen, not by number of subscribers but by engagement, how often they upload, and the kind of interactions they have with fans. As far as I know, they’re hand-chosen to be a part of the program, no algorithms involved.

Once you’re in, you’re in. You have access to the studio space for shooting, can attend workshops on shooting/lighting/editing etc, and get invited to events where you can meet with other creators like yourself.

Did I mention that this isn’t limited to YouTube? Phan is welcoming creators from every platform, be it Instagram, Vine, Facebook, etc., and she has no plans on attempting to draw or move those creators away from where they choose to put their content.

ipsy slider

On top of all of this, ipsyOS has created an app for creators who want to avoid the potential copyright strike that’s waiting for them when they try to give away swag on their channels. YouTube tends to frown on creators who incentivize likes and subscriptions, so ipsy will be offering a giveaway app for creators in which they can prompt users to follow their Instagram or like their Facebook page, simple and easy. Even better? The giveaways originate from ipsy, so the creators don’t eat the cost of either purchasing the product or shipping it out.

So, I’m willing to bet at this point you’re wondering: what does all of this service and equipment cost the creators?


I’m serious. Aside from time, the cost to utilize the studio space, take the classes, use the app, all of it comes at no cost to the creator. They hold full control over their earnings.

Phan’s goal here to to empower creators to do what they do best: Create. In our attendance at the opening of the studios, there was no talk of profitability, branding, or monetization. From where we’re standing, Phan is creating a powerful empire by investing in those who will be running its future. With over 1,000 people applying on the first day alone, it looks like it’s going to happen.