Is Google About To Be In The Fashion Business?

Google has already invaded just about every facet of our lives. Everything we want to know about everything or everyone is available via Google’s search platform. They control YouTube, the platform that’s quickly become the world’s most popular media platform, and they’re working on hundreds of innovations and gadgets to enhance every part of our lives. They’ve even started pushing so-called wearable tech like the ill-fated Google Glass that would connect one of our primary senses directly to Google, and they’re not stopping there.


Google is in the process of developing conductive textiles, basically fabric that’s wired for tech and can be easily incorporated into the clothing that we already wear. This is a major step past clunky Glass headsets and even the relatively sleek Apple Watch that’s slowly infiltrating the market. This is Google technology literally woven into the fabric of our clothing.

Imagine being able to dial your phone just by touching your sleeve, or a fitness tracker that’s built into your athletic shoes. Imagine if all of your clothing was connected to the Cloud. It’s either an amazing opportunity to become more in sync with our technology, or it’s the beginning of the global robot take-over. Either way I’m here for it. Skynet is a small price to pay for fashion.