Is This The Hardest Video Game Ever? [Video]

The expansion of gaming culture means that there are more and more people everyday with experience in, and opinions about, games. From mobile addicts playing hours of Candy Crush to hardcore console gamers impatiently waiting for Fallout 4 to hit the shelves, there are thousands of different and equally valid ways to be a gamer. But there are only a few discussions that cross all genres, platforms, and styles of play. One of those conversations is about difficulty. We love to talk about how hard our games are and how we’ve pushed ourselves physically and mentally to beat them.


Ironically, one of history’s most difficult games is also one of its simplest. Super Hexagon is a simple 2d game originally released to mobile users on iOS. It basically has one mechanic that allows the user to control the rotation of the screen as they try to move a tiny triangle curser through a series of cascading hexagons. It sounds easy, but this radically simple game requires a sort of zen-like concentration. In the video above Chris Kohler of Wired magazine attempts to crack what makes Super Hexagon so difficult and also so addictive.

Let us know what you think and in the comments below tell us the hardest game you’ve ever played.

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