Kin Welcomes Beauty Star Casey Holmes To Their Family

Kin’s latest star is going to bring southern charm to the lifestyle and DIY focused network. Kin has signed vlogger Casey Holmes, a beauty guru and self-described southern belle with a penchant for boys, beauty, and BMX though not necessarily in that order.

Holmes hails from George and joins Kin with nearly 950,000 subscribers and an impressive 63 million views under her belt. The 23 year old guru should make a great addition to the Kin family given her popularity in beauty and fashion circles as well as her knack for creating fun and frothy DIY and haul videos.

Holmes isn’t shy about her content or her goals in joining up with Kin. In a release the style star says “My channel has always focused on all things girly! As I’ve grown up, I’ve started to focus on other things in my life including relationships and home decor. Kin Community is the perfect partner for me to expand my content and continue to grow my audience.”

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