Lisbug Makes Good On Her Skills, Talks Talking Tom & Grandma … But Not Shane Dawson [INTERVIEW]

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Lisa ‘Lisbug’ Schwartz is gonna be famous. Not “internet famous,” not a “cewebrity” whatever the hell that is, no,  she’s gonna be full-on “lying on a chaise lounge atop the Hollywood mountain, being fed grapes by a Puerto Rican cabana boy” famous. How do I know? First off, she’s sassy. I asked her terrible generic questions and got smartass replies. Good on her for sticking it to “the Man.” Most people just answer terrible questions politely. It’s the people that don’t put up with them that tend to be special. Also, I suppose it’s worth mentioning that she’s crazy talented instead of just crazy. That always helps.

From voice work on the achingly popular Talking Tom & Friends to doing song parodies and fantastic skits on her YouTube channel, she’s one of those multi-hyphenate people that you all probably treated like crap in high school, but now she’s outshining you. Or maybe she was well-liked, who knows? … the question didn’t come up. The point is: Lisa ‘Lisbug’ Schwartz is well on her way to eclipsing most of the so-called talent beating the digital bushes around this joint. And she’s going to do it while being sweet and cute and funny.

And before you get on my case for not asking about her famous boyfriend Shane Dawson, I totally did. She just wasn’t having it. Like I said, she’s sassy.

How did the Lisbug name come about in the first place?

Lisbug was a nickname my dad always called me growing up. So when I joined Youtube to binge on duvet cover instructional videos, it was a no brainer. Am I the only one who has to fully climb into the cover to get the comforter in there properly?

How did you get your role on Talking Tom & Friends?

My buddy, and Talking Tom & Friends director, Will Shepard asked me to audition. So I sat in my closet with my iPhone and recorded the lines real quick, never thinking this would actually happen. I guess sitting on a cowboy boot with a dress in your face is good luck.

What’s better — voice acting or vlogging?

I believe this is an appropriate time to use the phrase, “It’s like comparing apples to vodka”. Both of them are delightful and satisfying. And together, they make a great martini.

How are you like your character Talking Angela?

She’s a nut. I’m a nut. We both like to kick it with the boys.

How has fame changed you? Any creepy stalker stories?

Fame? Maybe internet fame, at best. I’m just a girl who makes lame fart jokes, and for some reason people watch.

As far as stalkers go, nothing too crazy. Just once, there was a video where my dog was in the background, and a bunch of people zoomed into her collar and got my phone number. I got a ton of calls that day, and quickly realized, she would look so much cuter without a collar.