Little Dancer Demands ‘Respect,’ Plus Four Other Videos of Cute Kids Dancing on YouTube

This one’s for all the stage moms out there.

Little Johanna Colón has a bummer of a last name, but a winning attitude and the dance skills to match. During a dance recital, Johanna took off on the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin and made it her own.

The little North Carolina girl, whose footage was posted by her mother, is now the darling of the internet. She’ll have to act fast to capitalize on it, though — fame is a fickle thing. At one time or another, these also cute little kids found themselves to be the dancing darlings of the internet. Where are they now? They grew up so nobody cares — that’s the grim reality of this chew-em-up online culture we live in now.

But for a brief shining moment, they were STARS.

4. All About That Bass

Hmm, looks like he’s taking after Meghan Trainor in more ways than one.

3. Dancing Indian Kid

What do you mean this is an Indian dwarf and not a kid? What if all the performers on this list are actually dwarves? Mind blown!

2. Blind Melon Bumblebee Girl

1. 3-Year-Old On Talent Show

77 million views … and is that Jet Li as a judge? I wondered what happened to him.


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