McDonald’s Drive Thru Proposal & The Other 4 Worst Engagement Videos On YouTube

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Look, I know terrible wedding engagements exist. Mine is pretty terrible — I made my now-wife Kerry get her ring box out of a tarantula cage (she HATES spiders) … the kicker? The ring wasn’t even in the box. I can’t believe she married me; I am very stupid.

So I can believe this video of a guy using a chicken sandwich in the McDonald’s Drive Thru is real. I’m also proud of the girl for shooting him down (thank you wife for not shooting me down, I will make it up to you). We are a dumb generation of guys that forget the engagement process is a big deal to the girls. As a result, we get videos like this one:

But you know what? It isn’t remotely the only bad engagement video that is public. Here are four others that give this one a run for its cringe-value.

4. Bass Boat Proposal

His acting sucks, but this looks like a genuine bad proposal.

3. On Kiss Cam At UCLA Game

She wouldn’t marry him because he had a small p*nis. True story, he made a documentary about his tiny wang after.

2. Couple Hit By Wave

NOTHING could ever go wrong proposing to a girl on wave-swept rocks.

1. Mall Proposal (After 3 Months of Dating) Goes Exactly Like It Should

This is a candidate for worst thing on the internet. Too bad it’s staged. Show it to your special someone and don’t tell them that though.

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