Miley Cyrus Audition Tape Surfaces Just In Time For Throwback Thursday; See Her Epic Transformation

The internet is a magical place, which probably explains why Miley Cyrus’ audition tape for Hannah Montana has surfaced just in time for Throwback Thursday. Everyone is having a blast reflecting on the adorable (and innocent) Miley of yesteryear. Of course, NMR has been tipped to this nostalgic gem for a while. Still, it’s great to look back and remember the insane transformation that Miley has undergone before our very eyes. Let’s take a look back at her pop star evolution.

The girl in that audition tape would soon become the girl starring in Disney’s highest rated sitcom to date, Hannah Montana.


Her role as a girl next door with a pop star alterego would soon start to manifest in real life with Cyrus going on tour and even charting real life hits as Hannah.


Somewhere along the line she also inspired the Hoedown Throwdown, a YouTube dance craze that we’re pretty sure is just about ready for a retro resurgence.


As soon as she was done touring as Hannah Montana, Miley started slaying the charts under her own name with a series of bubble gum hits that includes song-of-the-summer staple “Party In The USA.”


She eventually put Hannah Montana behind her and took her songs into slightly edgier (and birdier) territory with her third studio album, Can’t Be Tamed. The title single sums up this period pretty neatly.


Since then Miley got a haircut, dated and dumped a Hemsworth, and adopted an edgier image that had some critics and parents clutching their pearls.


Unfortunately, she also has the vocal chops to back-up her provocative new look, something she proved with every successive single off of her blockbuster Bangerz album.


Present day Miley has come a long way since that innocent audition tape. From a pop starlet to a pop provocateur, it seems that Miley is content to focus her energy on projects like her Happy Hippie Charity foundation. The Miley of today is all about good weed, good vibes, and good causes.


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