New Smosh Gets The Thumbs Up From Subscribers

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As an indicator that nothing lasts forever, even on the internet, the boys of Smosh and parent company Defy Media have unveiled … NEW SMOSH! What’s that? They already unveiled New Smosh? Where the hell was I? Well how is the Smosh fan base taking to it? What’s that? They love them? Okay, well, we have a story then.

Where once there was only two, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, now there are three more. But soon there will be three instead of five perhaps — the new team’s roles seem to be growing lately while classic Smosh is sidelining themselves increasingly for other projects.

And yet, the audience seems okay with it! The likes on the videos heavily outweigh the dislikes! Of course, there might not be the realization for the audience that Defy Media seems to be taking the position that Smosh, like Sourcefed, is a brand. You can swap out members but the entertainment value stays high and the humor mentality remains the same.

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The new cast members are Keith Leak, Olivia Sui and Noah Grossman. And while they’ve been around for a while now, we didn’t fully grasp the intent. It was only when someone pointed out that Anthony and Ian are ceding the main roles to the newcomers that we went, “Hey, yeah!”

This article isn’t so much “Hey, there’s new cast members.” It’s more that we’ve likely already experienced peak classic Smosh and we didn’t even know it. Well, as long as the audience approves.

So this is the face of new YouTube. It is both exciting and sad. I’m curious who the next “Jenna Marbles” will be.

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