#ProudToLove: YouTube’s New Video On Marriage Equality Will Make You Cry

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We’ve covered many of the moments reflected in this video compilation, appropriately released on a momentous day when the Supreme Court has announced that gay marriage is to be legally recognized in all 50 states, but seeing them together, as a proud endorsement of love and humanity, is overwhelming.

I would be impressed if you didn’t tear up — because I teared up and I consider myself something of a stoic. Directed by Scott Chan of the video production agency Whirled, Scott has taken some of the most memorable coming out videos on YouTube and given them new life.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our life being comfortable that we forget so many people are still suffering far worse — friends and neighbors, who can’t be true to themselves because of persecution or fear of rejection. Say what you want about the creators shown here — they’re all enormously brave in my book. They came out at a time when marriage wasn’t legal, or was limited in its recognition for their community. It took guts.

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We need to enjoy this day — everyone, gay and straight alike. But we also need to remember that there is still a long road to equality. Today, there are millions of people who feel like they have been beaten or railroaded by the system. We need to convince them that they haven’t been beaten, but that they are trapped in a closet themselves — theirs is a closet of ignorance.

So celebrate today, but keep working to make this world a more understanding and tolerant place.

And share this wouldja, someone you know could use a good happy cry today.