Queer Exchange On Facebook Raises Thousands For Terminal Cancer Sufferer

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Every day, if you look around, you’ll find that people can be pretty terrific. Take the folks on Queer Exchange, for instance. Queer Exchange is a sort of barter site on Facebook that facilitates people of the LGBT-etc. community to swap common goods like furniture and repairs.

When they found out that one of their own, Jay Kallio, a trans man stricken with terminal cancer, had no working toilet, no lights and was basically bedridden, fatigued by his disease, they stepped in to help out.

From getting the toilet fixed and the lights working, to setting him up with $6000 they fundraised, Queer Exchange exponentially raised the quality of life on Kallio’s last days.

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“That makes a huge difference in my life,” Kallio said to DNAinfo.com. “A night-and-day difference in my life. I’m used to surviving on $800 a month.”

It’s a beautiful act in spite of the grim situation at hand. And it speaks wonders for the power of social media. The next time you think about deleting your Facebook to escape the drama, maybe consider just switching up the individuals and causes you follow. There’s still a world of good to be accomplished out there.

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