Reddit Shuts Down r/FatPeopleHate & Other Hate-Based Subreddits

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Wow, last week I wrote a piece asking specifically that r/FatPeopleHate not be banned because the secret to being better people isn’t simply eliminating everyone who has a different or hurtful perspective — it’s figuring out how to change minds. But today, that plea is effectively over.

Reddit, in a sort of “Red Wednesday” play, has chopped down and banned all subreddits that promote hatred or intolerance. This specifically includes r/fatpeoplehate, r/hamplanethatred, r/transf*gs and r/sh*tn*ggerssay. While predominantly welcome actions in regards to eradicating mean-spiritedness, it’s a reminder that Reddit is a private company with exclusive rules about what the limits of free speech are.

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Intolerant and downright evil sites or not, Reddit has damaged its credibility as a bastion of free thinking. That being said, we will not miss those sites or the poison that they manufactured therein.

Reddit’s announcement on the matter is thus:

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Mirrors of those sites are being created as we speak. Reddit will likely shut those down as they appear though, creating a case of diminishing returns — eventually the main groups will fracture to the point that they are splintered and die out. Creeps, haters, racists and bullies will have to look elsewhere to coalesce. Try 4chan.

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