Roman Atwood Thinks 360 Degree Videos Will Be The Future Of YouTube; We Help You Make Them Work

Why look at interesting YouTubers when we can pan the camera around to check out random bar drunks?

Why look at interesting YouTubers when we can pan the camera around to check out random bar drunks?

Roman Atwood and Sam Macaroni are big believers in the future technology movement. As in, technology companies have got to keep coming up with new innovations and creators have got to adapt to the technology innovations as they come.

The latest of course is 360 degree video on YouTube. With 360 degree video, you get to observe the entire surrounding world, not just what the camera lens is pointed at. While we covered the emergence of this technology before, it’s interesting to see two of our favorite vloggers experiment with the tech.

Roman, for his part, says he thinks it’s the future of how we watch videos, which is a pretty glowing endorsement.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.07.12 PM

Of course, there are some kinks that still need to be worked out. For now it only works on certain browsers — an issue that I had to investigate. I was watching the video on safari, and while I saw a broader picture than usual (it looks like an unfolded rectangle), it didn’t seem to be what they wanted from me. So I looked into it more, corrected my issue by jumping over to my Chrome browser and now can delight in the majesty of 360 YouTube. Thanks, Roman, Sam and YouTube.

How It Looks With Proper Browser/Upload

How It Looks Without Proper Browser/Upload

If they both look the same, you’re not using one of the accepted browsers yet. With the correct one, there should be a toggle switch in the upper left corner that allows for moving the screen around — or if you are using the YouTube for Android app, simply moving your phone around will produce the effect. If you don’t see the toggle and it’s supposed to be a 360 degree video, either you are in the wrong browser or the upload was done incorrectly. We strongly suggest checking the comments to know which is the case. If other people are having the issue, chances are the upload was done incorrectly.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 1.34.05 PM

While the tech is still a little rough, the look of the videos are amazing once done right. Of course, considering you need a proper 360 degree camera to make it work and the uploading process is tricky, don’t expect your run-of-the-mill vloggers to adapt to this tech any time soon.

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