Rue McClanahan RIP: Dead Celebrity Is The Internet’s New Favorite Joke

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With the 24-hour news cycle these days, it’s impressive that someone could miss news of a celebrity’s death. The good news these days, if you miss the first one, you can always catch their second death.

Take Rue McClanahan, the sassy southern belle Blanche Deveareaux on the hit ‘80s sitcom Golden Girls. Rue died back in 2010 — but the internet decided it would be a lot of fun to pretend she just died — sparking outcries of sadness from “devoted’ fans. The news has come as such a surprise to so many that it actually became a trending topic on Twitter.

Of course everything boils down to the internet’s biggest issue of miscommunication: people read the headline of the article, but not the article itself … or the date it was published.

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Here are some of the best tweets from people who are in on the joke (and people who aren’t):

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