Say Goodbye to G.R.L. — Did The Girl Group Break Up On Twitter?


Call it the curse of the Spice Girls, but as beloved as girl groups are by the pop music public, they tend to break up with alarming regularity. Now it looks like we can add promising pop startup G.R.L. to the list of casualities. Based on social media evidence, it looks like the embattled pop group has finally decided to call it quits over the weekend, with various members posting regretful statuses and updating Twitter bios to reflect the dissolution of the band.

The group has had a rocky history of gaining and losing members since it launched in 2011. The trouble culminated in 2014 with the tragic suicide of new member and X-Factor alum Simone Battle. Despite scoring a handful of hits including the chart topping “Ugly Heart,” and being the only good thing about Pit Bull’s “Wild Wild Love,” the group has apparently decided to throw in the towel.


Over the weekend, founding member Lauren Bennet tweeted a slightly cryptic message to fans stating, “Thank u all for ridin with GRL thru the tough times. I know it’s all a bit confusing but I love you all, and care never forget” Bandmate Emmalyn Estrada removed references to G.R.L. from her twitter bio and changed her handle from @GRLEmmaLyn to @EmmalynEstrada. Paula van Oppen similarly scrubbed her profile of G.R.L membership, changing her name from @GRLPaula to the more evocative @EyesThatLightUp. In 2015, bands don’t dissolve on Twitter long before the press releases go out and the interviews are scheduled.

The group was formed back in 2011 by Robin Antin who held open auditions to replace departed members of fellow defunct pop act The Pussycat Dolls. The lineup has at times included former girl groupers Lauren Bennet (Paradiso Girls) and Chrystina Sayers (Girlicious) as well as former cheerleaders Vanessa Curry and Erica Kiehl Jenkins. A later incarnation also included Natalie Mejia (Girlicious) and singers Amanda Branche and Natasha Slayton. Simone Battle joined the group later but was critical to their first, and apparently only, EP, the self-titled “G.R.L.” Battle’s untimely death hit the group hard, leading to the decision to split shortly after the release of tribute single “Lighthouse.”

Fans on social media wished the departing members of the group well, but girl group enthusiasts are mourning the loss of a promising up-and-coming act. Now all of our hopes must rest with YouTube darlings Fifth Harmony, dark horse act Little Mix, and our own Rachel Kiley’s beloved Neon Jungle to carry the girl group torch.

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