Sense8 is Bad and Netflix Should Feel Bad For Making It

Alright, this was supposed to be a live blog of the new Wachowski series Sense8, but as it turns out, it took a lot for me to watch three episodes. So here it is: the show sucks.

Look, I don’t want to get into if the Wachowskis have lost their touch or how it’s nearly as much of a mess as “Jupiter Ascending,” because I’m fairly sure there are people out there who have far more expertise in both those subjects than I. What I can tell you, watching this from the perspective of someone who is normally very easily entertained, is that the show has a lot of problems in the first three episodes, making it incredibly difficult to continue watching. Like for example:

1. Exposition


One of the most important things in any form of media is exposition and how to pace yourself with it. This series teases you with pieces of information, and then unloads a whole bunch of it at you at once. It’s f*cking maddening and hard to keep pace with. At the end of the first episode I had no idea what most of the characters’ names were. I could only identify them by profession or what’s worse, by sexual orientation, which by the way brings me to my next point…

2. Shock Value


There are a lot of shows that aren’t shy about sex, but in this case “Game of Thrones” feels like it’s PG-13 in comparison. I am by no means someone who is easily offended, but it felt like the first time we got to know anything about Nomi, it was to identify her as the “lesbian” character. In fact, her story is much more complex, which they illustrated beautifully later on. Something that makes me feel like the scene earlier was legitimately put there to shock the viewer and nothing else. There was a scene later on where sex was utilized well, illustrating the connection between sensates, and made more sense to me than the initial opening scene.

3. Cliffhanger Endings


Personally, if your series survives on nothing but really sharp cliffhangers, I want nothing to do with it. There’s ending an episode with questions, and there’s trying to make every episode feel like a season finale. It’s exhausting.

4. Philosophy

Limbic Resonance

One of the traps the Wachowskis have always been guilty of is pushing what feels like personal philosophies through their writing or through the way a scene plays out. There are multiple scenes in which the characters are lost to whatever voice is being pushed out of them. Take for example, the DMT guy who literally explains the meaning of the first episode’s title to the audience. It doesn’t even feel like he’s talking to Riley and even worse, he’s throwing in pseudo-science mumbo jumbo to top it off. At some point with every conversation with this particular character, it doesn’t feel like he’s speaking at all. What’s worse is that it feels like the audience isn’t respected either, every philosophy spoken about in the show is explained to absolute death.

5. Cinematography


I actually have no complaints about this. As with every Wachowski production, the colors, lighting, and camera movements are precise and well done. If anything the show is worth watching for this alone.

There are more issues with this show I could point out. Every character falls into a stereotypical archetype, etc and so on. Frankly though, I’d rather spend my time re-watching Orange is the New Black and prepping for its return next week.

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