Seven Sad Drake Lyrics That Are Definitely About Degrassi

degrassi jake

Long running Canadian teen soap Degrassi has finally met its end. After 14 years of drama and heartbreak, the popular reboot of an EVEN OLDER teen drama is finally being put out to pasture. As one of Canada’s greatest cultural exports, Degrassi has given us a lot love over the years, but by far it’s most famous alum Aubrey Graham aka Wheelchair Jimmy aka super sad hip hop superstar Drake. In honor of Degrassi’s impending demise, here are seven super sad Drake lyrics that could totally be about the show.

This one works best if you imagine Drake, hearing the news of the cancellation and then reaching out to former castmate Melissa McIntyre, who played onscreen girlfriend Ashley Kerwin, to reconnect. Just picture it.


Drake probably wrote this lyric while reminiscing about co-star Shane Kippel and the famously frosted tips of Spinner Mason.


Drizzy gets emotional just thinking about the 2005 Degrassi arc where Emma Nelson struggles with an eating disorder.


Drake had long since left the show but that doesn’t mean he didn’t relate to straight laced overachiever Holly J. Sinclair and her secret struggles with alcohol addiction and student government.


Drake took an (imaginary) bullet trying to stop gun wielding Degrassi outcast Rick Murray from hurting himself or others. That kind of (pretend) trauma has got to leave some serious emotional scars.


We all had doubts when Degrassi’s resident bad boy Spinner Mason settled down with golden girl Emma Nelson but NO ONE was more skeptical than Aubrey Drake Graham.


Finally, after hearing the news of Degrassi’s cancellation, Drake retroactively asks the question on all of our minds?


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