Showtime’s Streaming Platform Is Almost Here!


Just in time for the Twin Peaks reboot, Showtime is joining premium networks like HBO and…less than premium…networks like CBS in launching its own streaming platform. In another sure sign of how services like Netflix and Hulu have fundamentally changed the way we watch TV, Showtime will launching its subscription-only digital streaming service on Apple TV.

For $10.99 a month, viewers will have access to Showtime’s complete library of shows as well as new programming. What a time to be alive. The launch is time to coincide with the debut of Showtime’s two must buzzed-about shows Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex, both of which are also slated for a July premiere. Showtime is hoping that the lower cost will attract cord-cutting millennials who are consuming premium television in record numbers but who shy away from having a restrictive and expensive cable plan in favor of streaming options.


So just what will viewers get besides access to Showtime’s current lineup? Apparently the new and not-yet-named streaming service will also offer access to Showtime’s extensive library of original shows. Wondering what shows you’ll find in the Showtime library? Wonder no more! We have a list: