Six TV Duos Netflix Should Reunite

Netflix is rapidly turning into the world’s most powerful platform for TV nostalgia. They kicked off spring of 2015 by reuniting 9 To 5 stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda on Grace and Frankie, and later announced that they would resurrect the desiccated corpse of Full House complete with almost all of the original cast on board. This week, the nostalgia beast struck again with the announcement that a new Netflix comedy would reteam Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson who last graced our TV screens together playing Kelso and Hyde on That 70’s Show.

Back in the day Masterson’s bitter loner squared off hilariously against Kutcher’s dim-witted Kelso for the love of Jackie (Mila Kunis) Masterson eventually got the girl on screen, but in a fun twist, it was Kutcher who ended up marrying Kunis years later in real life. Still, there’s no denying that the duo have some well-worn comedic chemistry that ought to serve them well on The Ranch, a football-themed comedy coming early next year on Netflix. The idea got us thinking about what other classic TV duos we’d like to reunite on the streaming platform that makes dreams come true. Here are six of our best ideas:

Marc Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez


Both of these guys have seen plenty of career success since their days on Saved By The Bell, but in our hearts I think we’d all like to see Zach Morris and AC Slater together again. Of course just saying these words has probably caused some sort of terrible Butterfly Effect that will make someone somewhere reboot Saved By The Bell, but I’d rather see them put a spin on those roles. Lopez had a knack for playing a jock with a heart of gold and Gosselaar will forever be remembered as golden-tongued Zach, but what if we take those achetypes and transport them elsewhere. How about a Netflix dramedy about a washed up football star (Lopez) and his smooth talking agent (Gosselaar) trying to navigate post-NFL life? Sort of Entourage meets…a show about sports? I don’t really know, but I’ll do anything to stop Lopez from hosting another Red Carpet for Extra.

Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc


During the friends era, Chandler and Joey were basically inseparable. The duo basically invented the term bromance before we even had an internet to coin it. Since then, the two have moved on to other projects and haven’t been seen on screen together since. It’s high time that changed. Pull Matthew Perry from whatever one of the zillion sitcoms he’s trying to star in and grab LeBlanc from Episodes — a show that I refuse to believe even exists because no one has ever seen it, and team them up on my television right this minute. Maybe they could do a guest arc on the next season of Orange is the New Black. Given the reshuffle that happens at the end of this season, it seems like Litchfield might be in the market for a few brand new prison guards.

Emily Van Camp and Chris Pratt


They played a brother & sister on Everwood wayyyyy back in the dinosaur days of the WB. Today both actors have budding film careers, including prominent places in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have time to return for a little bit of TV work. Pratt’s inherent goofiness would be a perfect foil for the flinty-eyed seriousness that Van Camp developed over the last few seasons of Revenge. I’d cast them in an inverted Twin Peaks scenario with Van Camp as an FBI profiler sent to investigate a murder in a spooky small town. Pratt can play the laid back sheriff who may or may not be covering something up.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz


Buffy and Angel they were the most iconic TV couple of the early 2000’s — and the time is right to bring these two back together. Gellar has had a few TV projects over the years that have fizzled, including the funny-but-not-quite-all-there The Crazy Ones, and Ringer, a show that is best forgotten. Boreanaz is currently starring in season 900 of Bones on Fox. Frankly, I’m not sure reuniting them would be a good idea, but someone has to stop Bones, you guys. It’s just been on for far too long. It’s our duty to give both of these actors something else to do. They both have experience playing action heroes, so I suggest that Netflix cast them in an action comedy as ex-spies who are also ex-lovers. After a mission gone wrong, they’re forced to set up shop for themselves as mercenaries for hire. Think of it as a live-action Archer except instead of Mallory, it’s Sterling and Lana running the show.

Kelly Bishop and Sutton Foster

Bishop and Foster famously teamed up for one season of Bunheads the unfortunately titled Amy Sherman-Palladino project that was meant to be her grand follow-up to the beloved Gilmore Girls. Unfortunately, it was quickly cancelled and Forster went back to Broadway, while Bishop went back to being better than everyone. Let’s reteam them for a new show in which Bishop plays a small town dance instructor and Foster plays her Vegas show-girl daughter in-law. They can grudgingly team up to train a group of quirky kids to dance. We’ll call it Bunheads season 2.

Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro


As Will and Carlton on the Fresh Prince, these guys played odd-couple cousins who frequently clashed but still cared about each other in that heartwarming way that people did on 90’s TV shows. Since then Alfonso has gone on to … other project … most recently a stint on So You Think You Can Dance, while Smith went on to become a massive movie star and raise two children who are quite possibly aliens. Fortunately for us, Smith’s movie career has suffered a few unfortunate stumbles in recent years, including the sci-fi flop After Earth and, more recently, the critically-panned heist film Focus. Will can no longer say he’s too good for TV and reteaming him with Alfonso is just the sort of crowd pleaser he needs to reignite the spark of his career. It literally does not matter what sort of characters they play as long as someone does the Carlton dance.

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