Sony Shocks E3 With Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

We expected a lot of huge news out of E3, but this particular bombshell came earlier than expected. Apparently unable to wait until their own conference later today, Square Enix dropped one of the year’s biggest gaming surprises at Sony’s E3 press conference yesterday. The company has begun production on a remake of Final Fantasy VII, arguably the most iconic installment of the series. RPG fans have been waiting for a remake of the classic game for almost two decades and the game’s trailer sent the audience, and later the internet, into spasms.

Some fans were initially skeptical given the years of excuses and fake outs from Final Fantasy’s publisher. In fact, fans have been asking for a remake for so long that Square Enix’s determined avoidance of the question has become something of a meme in itself. However the trailer’s presentation at Sony’s conference coupled with an official statement from the company released today seem to have convinced even the most skeptical fans that this is legit.


The trailer itself doesn’t give much away, but it does lay out some of the telltale background mythology of the game. It also includes a brief shot of Cloud, FF7’s familiar hero whose iconic haircut and sword are shown only from behind. The trailer also drops one more critical piece of info: the trailer wraps up with an end card that says simply, “Play it first on PlayStation” indicating that the game is planned as a PlayStation exclusive. Fans holding out for a PC-friendly version of the game probably shouldn’t hold their breath. Sony apparently has this one on lock.

We checked in with some of social media’s biggest stars to see what they thought of the surprise announcement: