“Sorry, Still Calling You Bruce” — Drake Bell Goes Into Transphobic Twitter Spiral Over Caitlyn Jenner

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We can all learn some things from the bravery and media savvy of Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, the Olympic athlete and reality TV star who revealed herself post-transition on the cover of Vanity Fair earlier today. And we can also learn something from former “Drake and Josh” actor and forgettable musician Drake Bell, who went on Twitter and started digging himself into a deep, deep hole of shame and dickheadedness.

A little while ago, this charming tweet appeared on Bell’s timeline and was quickly removed, which is why God invented screencaps:



He then tweeted this in an apparent effort to cover himself…

drake bravery

… but strangely enough, people didn’t seem convinced of his sincerity.

drake replies

Bell finally realized his mistake, apologized and learned to respect transgendered people. Just kidding, he actually doubled down and tweeted about Jenner again, using every male pronoun he could think of.

Drake Bell 2

Drake Bell 3

Drake Bell is no stranger to Twitter drama. Until recently he was internet famous for picking Twitter feuds with Justin Beiber and his fans. You’d think that hobby would be obnoxious enough to satisfy anyone, but it looks like he wanted to take things to the next level — or he just has a monumental amount of learning to do. Either way, his Twitter mentions are going to be a scorched, smoking wasteland for some time.

Drake Bell 1

Yeah, think again, buddy.


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