Square Dog Haircuts & 4 Other Hilarious Grooming Trends

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Every time you think you’ve seen everything the world has to offer, Taiwan comes out with something crazier. Or Florida. Or Japan. Or Germany. Clearly innovation runs high in these regions. But nothing runs more delightful than the latest trend to emerge from the country that makes EVERYTHING you own.

Dog grooming is a fine art. Like bonsai. And like bonsai, sometimes you have to get a little outside the box. But sometimes you have to get a little inside the box. Or square. As you can see in the video below, square dog haircuts are the latest pet trend to drop upon the world.

But they aren’t alone in their awesomeness — here are four other amazing grooming trends that have swept the internet in recent years:

Panda Dogs

There’s a gross Panda Express joke in here somewhere.

Circle Dogs

For when you want your dog to roll with you.

The Lion Cut


Anything Goes!

If I were these dogs, I’d play dead.

So there you go. What do you think the next big trend in doggie hairstyles will be?

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