Streamy Awards Are Coming To VH1 — New Categories Announced!

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Dick Clark Productions and Tubefilter have teamed up once more to bring us the Streamy Awards, the best of YouTube-based award shows (in our not-so-humble opinion). Broadcasting Sept. 17 at 10pm EST, the Streamys are also getting a whole new hosting platform: VH1!

Yup, YouTube is coming to television. VH1, the other music channel of note (sorry, Fuse), is taking up the reins and allowing Tubefilter founder Drew Baldwin and pals to push their product out over the airwaves, allowing for even the most YouTube illiterate to tune in.

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“The VH1 audience is connected on every platform. So it’s a natural for VH1 to celebrate the innovators who, like us, entertain literally millions of viewers,” said Tom Calderone, President, VH1. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Dick Clark Productions and Tubefilter on amplifying all of the amazing creativity of the past year by presenting the Streamy Awards for the first time ever on television.”

Additionally, this year’s show will be adding some new categories to the mix:

Breakout Creator (Overall)
Documentary or Investigative (Subject)
Lifestyle (Subject)
Breakthrough Artist (Music)
Short Form Comedy (Social Video)
Short Form Creativity (Social Video)
Snapchat Storyteller (Social Video)

While we love new categories, especially the Breakout Creator one, we have to point out that when we start breaking into OTHER social media platforms to award them (Snapchat? really?), we lose a little bit of the magic and it starts looking like the damn Webbys or whatever. Sometimes it’s nice to just stick with who brought us to the party. But then, we did point out that we have not-so-humble opinions.

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As always, you, the so-called “little people” will be able to share in deciding who wins what. Creator Submissions and Fan Nominations for the 5th Annual Streamy Awards open today at and close 11:59 pm PT on Friday, June 26, 2015.

Be sure to vote smart and vote often! This is an exciting opportunity, not just for Tubefilter, but for all of YouTube, so help make this the best show ever!

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