Team Colleen or Team Miranda? Colleen Ballinger Squares Off Against Miranda Sings For New Makeup Show

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Pancake Face, Accidental Geisha, Clown Hooker … have any of these terms ever been applied to you? If so, maybe it’s time to seek some help in the makeup department. Fortunately, Miranda Sings’ alter ego Colleen Ballinger knows makeup. And there’s a channel called I Love Makeup for her to show you just how well she knows makeup.

Collective Digital Studio and Colleen have teamed up on a project to save your face, Clown Hooker. Every Friday for six weeks, they will bring you a series they call How To Makeup … and what’s more, the series will actually pit Colleen against the internet queen herself, Miranda.

Long story short, an internet showdown has blossomed — and this time, there will be no, wait for it … making up.

Colleen has fantastically found a way for guys to become interested in a makeup show that isn’t called “Naked Ladies Wear Makeup While Kissing Each Other And Boobies And Stuff.” Like there’s a plot to this makeup show and I need resolution, damnit.

Also, how freaking cute does Colleen look in her “tough girl” outfit?

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So be sure to tune in, learn some tips and find the more attractive look that fits you, Clown Hooker.

Also, make sure you get some emotional support as well, because I’m pretty sure I’ve just internet bullied you.

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