The 7 Reasons Why People Love “Let’s Plays”

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You watch Let’s Plays, we watch Let’s Plays — it’s no secret that gaming is one of the top dogs on Planet YouTube, because it’s awesome. But why exactly is it awesome? What separates a Let’s Play (awesome!) from, say, homework (not awesome!)? Or going to work everyday at a soul-sucking job? Or even playing a video game yourself?

Yeah, threw you a curveball there, right? Because PLAYING video games is fun and definitely awesome — but so is just hanging out, watching other people play. While we can’t say whether one is better that the other, we did a ton of research, like A TON, and have come up with the seven reasons people love Let’s Plays.

7. Playing Video Games Is A Lot Of Work

When I was a kid, I would buy model rockets and then give them to my friends to build. I didn’t like the labor, I just wanted to push the button and fire the rocket. A Let’s Play is a lot like that. Some people don’t want to deal with pushing the buttons themselves — video games are fun, but they’re also a lot of work. With Let’s Plays, you get to ride in the passenger seat. You still get to watch the zombies/aliens/hookers explode, you still get to watch the graphics and talk about the game with your friends, you just don’t have to put in the legwork to do it.

6. Let’s Plays Are Stress Free

I don’t care how good you think you will be at Metal Gear Solid V — that game is going to be tough to beat. And even though you are going to line up to buy it just like us (can we have cutsies?), sometimes it’s nice to watch other people dig into it first so you know what to expect. It’s why swimming pools have shallow ends — sometimes its nice to slowly ease into a daunting mission rather than go all-in right off the high dive.

5. They’re Interactive

You’re never alone when you’ve got a Let’s Play. On gaming sites like Twitch, the Let’s Plays can be live streamed, bringing a whole world of people together. On a Let’s Play live stream you can help control the action of the gamer, suggesting tips and tricks — right along with a bunch of other people who share your common interests. Friendships and alliances have been forged out of Let’s Plays — as well as attracting other gamers to your personal channel so they can follow your Let’s Plays.

4. They’re Fun

Forget being a viewer for a second and concentrate on being a gamer — you’re out there saving the virtual worlds knowing that people are hanging on your every action. That’s not just cool, that’s a lot of fun. Being the creator of Let’s Plays is like being on a stage, where everyone is constantly critiquing your every move. As a creator, you take the good with the bad. When you screw up, everyone mocks you … but when you succeed, you’re a god. Sounds like a whole lot of fun to us.

3. They Let You Know If The Game Is Worth Your Money

One of the big arguments game companies have against Let’s Plays and YouTube gamers is that the gamers will let you know if a game isn’t any good. For some video game companies, they would prefer if they had your money before you find out that you’re wasting your time. Major gamers often get these key games for free — and in advance of the release — so you don’t have to worry about them wasting their money. And as for the Let’s Play? It allows you to see for yourself if a game is worth your money. That is invaluable in and of itself. Even if a gamer doesn’t like the game, you can make your own mind by watching a Let’s Play.

2. It’s A Free WalkThrough

Look, we get it. Video games have gotten more cerebral through the years. We’ve come a long way as gamers from shooting 8-bit space aliens. Now there are dead ends, logic puzzles, tactics and techniques that must be overcome to win. And only saps pay for those tutorial walkthroughs on gaming sites. Watching a Let’s Play on YouTube is like having a math genius do that aforementioned homework for you. These guys are like professors of video games, solving the problems so you don’t have to. All you need to do is follow their footsteps and be around to rescue the princess at the end.

1. The Commentary Is Awesome

From silly noises to angry yelling, there are few things funnier than the emotional commentary from some of our favorite creators like PewDiePie, TotalBiscuit, Angry Joe Show or SkyDoesMinecraft (or one of the many, many others). The simple reason for why they are all hugely successful as professional video game players is that they are smarter/funnier/sillier and all around more enjoyable than listening to your obnoxious friends play the same game. At the end of the day, the number one reason you tune in is because you know the top gamers out there are going to entertain you.

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